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Tourist information programs

Our tourist information programs include websites and social networking accounts that disseminate information about Tokyo’s diverse tourist attractions.
We operate Tokyo Tourist Information Centers and a volunteer tour guide service, and publish guidebooks to extend a warm welcome to foreign travelers to Tokyo.
Through various TCVB activities, we further seek to promote the Tokyo brand and establish recognition with a global audience.

 Tokyo tourist information dissemination

Operation of official Tokyo travel website GO TOKYO

Operation of social networking account Tokyo Fan Club

 Support systems for travelers to Tokyo

Establishment and operation of wide-area tourist information hubs and tourist information counters

Operation of volunteer tour guide service Omotenashi Tokyo

Fostering of Omotenashi Ambassadors

Publication of official Tokyo guidebook Tokyo Handy Guide Publication of official Tokyo guidebook Tokyo Handy Map

Operation of multilingual menu creation support website EAT Tokyo

 Tokyo Tourist Information Centers

Tokyo Tourist Information Centers

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government
  • Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
  • Haneda Airport
  • Keisei Ueno station

 Tokyo Brand

Information sharing and collaboration support engaging Tokyo branding promotion council

Support for promotional projects

Promotion of internal branding

 TCVB public relations activities

Operation of TCVB website

Issuance of TCVB News bulletin

Sending of TCVB Email Updates