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Community tourism programs

With an eye to enhancing the attractions of Tokyo and creating tourist destinations that draw repeat visitors, we engage in tourism promotion activities in communities within Tokyo in collaboration with local tourism organizations, boards of trade, commercial and industrial associations, and other private organizations as well as tourism service suppliers.

 Tourism promotion in collaboration with local tourism organizations and private suppliers

Subsidies for local promotional projects, organization of Tokyo Travelmart (Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry) tourism information exchange sessions

Participation in Japanese tourism events

 Tourist-friendly community development support

Organization of tourism revitalization forums, engagement of student interns, support for tourism human resources development, subsidies for waterfront area tourist attraction projects

 Tourism resources commercialization support

Support for commercialization of local tourism resources engaging human resources knowledgeable about the travel industry

 Tourist attraction to Tama area and Tokyo islands

Organization of promotional projects using information dissemination tools, support for development and sales of products targeting foreign travelers

 Tokyo City Guide examination

Organization of examination covering a broad range of Tokyo’s attractions such as history, culture, and tourist destinations, recommended for individuals in the tourism industry

 Tokyo Location Box

Operation of integrated services concerning on-location filming in Tokyo, support for on-location filming, provision of information and advice on filming locations

 Post-disaster support

Support for traveler referral to Fukushima Prefecture and the Izu Islands