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Tourism marketing programs

With the aim of making Tokyo the world’s greatest tourist destination, we organize various activities to promote the Tokyo Brand and attract foreign travelers.

 Market information collection and dissemination

Tourism marketing surveys

Surveys of trends in overseas markets and other topics to ensure effective tourism promotion

Engagement of Tokyo Tourism Reps

Reps in 12 cities in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Australia collect and disseminate information and engage in sales activities

Creation of travel brochures

Sending of Tokyo Monthly email newsletter for speakers of English in Europe, the United States, and Australia

Issuance of newsletter for regions of Asia

 Tourism promotion

Television commercials outside Japan

Participation in travel expos

Joint promotional activities with private corporations

Support for foreign media

Support for reporting by influential foreign media Promote coverage that reflects the attractions of Tokyo

Organization of tourism seminars and industry conventions

Marketing toward foreign tourism service suppliers

Promotional activities in collaboration with other regions of Japan

Collaborate with local municipalities in disseminating new attractions of Japan to global audiences

Reception of academic tours

Organization of various other B-to-C and B-to-B promotional activities engaging Tokyo Tourism Reps